Success is about relationships. Customers need to be heard and embraced!  


Nothing is more important than you, our customer – your needs, aspirations, and vision about what workload automation can mean to the enterprise.

So at STA Group, we're giving our customers a voice.  Rather than putting you on an island, we're putting you where you belong – FIRST.


CustomerFirst is an attitude and a way of doing business that helps elevate your success and maximize the strategic value of your Tidal investment. It gives you a direct and powerful voice about the product and its future in an open, collaborative partnership.  It’s a commitment to make each customer's experience with Tidal the best it can be based on YOUR needs and expectations, not ours.


Looking to see CustomerFirst in action? Look no further than the new local Tidal User Groups we're bringing back for 2018! 

Our Northeast Tidal User Group Meeting was held March 12 in Boston. The Midwest Tidal User Group Meeting will be held on Friday, June 8, 2018, in Deerfield IL, outside Chicago. 

Interested in participating in our Midwest Tidal User Group Meeting on June 8 in Deerfield, IL?  
Sign up soon as seats are filling fast. 
Contact Ed McGetrick at Ed.McGetrick@stagrp.com.


Listen. Act. Optimize

We listen to our customers. Carefully.

We act on your behalf. Decisively.

We optimize outcomes based on your best interests. To the best of our ability.


1.     Account Management
Personalized attention on your needs, timelines, and expectations, including regular updates and roadmap reviews.

2.     Product Partnerships
A voice in the product and its roadmap.  We will always listen to the pulse of your business, your evolving needs, and your expectations about new features and enhancements.

3.     Technical Support
Improved Level 1 support that provides even greater speed and responsiveness.  More proactive customer communications. We’ll find you, you won’t have to find us.

4.     Customer Webinars
New webinar series focusing on product roadmap, technical topics, and use cases. It’s about keeping you informed. The first webinar in the series – focusing on our all-important 2018 Product Roadmap and Release Plan – is already scheduled for February.

5.     User Groups
We’re bringing local Tidal User Group meetings back!  This is something many of you have been asking for. We are scheduling user groups throughout 2018 – want to host or attend a user group in YOUR area?  Please contact Ed McGetrick at Ed.McGetrick@stagrp.com.

6.     Managing the Journey
Each customer is unique and in their own stage of the workload automation journey. CustomerFirst means doing everything in our power to:

  • Work with you in whatever stage you are in
  • Remove obstacles to success
  • Expand adoption and usage
  • Optimize your business value from the product