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On-Demand Webcast: The Shifting Role of Workload Automation with EMA Research

Watch Webinar84% of technology executives confirm that automation helps improve IT operations and business output. Join EMA Analyst Dan Twing for an in-depth look at why. Dan’s workload automation insight is based on a recent survey of 400+ IT professionals.

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Hundreds of enterprise organizations around the world have made Tidal the workload automation solution of choice. They appreciate its enterprise-class performance, scalability, resilience, and ease-of-use – all wrapped within the Tidal CustomerFirst™ Program that literally puts them first.

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Quote StartSuccess begets success. We manage more than 500,000 daily jobs across hundreds of servers. We have created a CoE around automation and scheduling. Our experience with Tidal has been so successful that scheduling automation is integral to our application development processes.Quote End

Financial Services Enterprise

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Quote StartTidal helps us be very proactive. This is particularly important in an environment where job dependencies are complex and so tied to the bottom line.Quote End

Global Industrial Company

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Quote StartThe time to implement the schedules was significantly less, because we didn't have to learn a custom batch language and write scripts for each job. We could literally plug into Cognos and Informatica, and see familiar GUIs to create jobs and interact with the objects that were already stored within those environments.Quote End

Casino Operation

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Quote StartTidal has done an excellent job of reducing the amount of time we need to spend in managing our environment.Quote End

Major University

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Quote StartDemand planning data is vital for running our business. Tidal lets us get reliable product-demand data exactly when we need it, which means better, faster decisions.Quote End

Consumer Applications Company

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Quote StartThe speed and ease with which we can deploy a new client is remarkable.Quote End

State Agency

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Quote StartTidal supports our goal of using automation to improve scalability and efficiency, which allows us to focus resources on growing our business.Quote End

Hedge Fund