Nature has a way of creating a synergistic whole out of disparate elements. So, too, does a well-orchestrated data center in which applications, data, and systems are all working in harmony.




Tidal Workload Automation is today's industry-leading enterprise-class single pane-of-glass product to help manage, automate, and orchestrate business processes, applications, data, middleware, and infrastructure in the data center and across the enterprise.  

  • More than 35 years of experience helping world-class companies orchestrate and optimize business value from their IT.

  • Legendary easy-to-use interface driving speed and productivity – no scripting required – for accelerated time-to-value.
  • Bi-directional integrations with the latest business applications to support new use cases and workflow orchestration.
  • IT process and policy alignment and support.
  • Standardized training around a single tool across all managed platforms.


Tidal centrally schedules, automates, and manages workloads and processes across a wide range of systems, databases, middleware, and applications.

  • Defines and manages cross-application processes with centralized process management and error recovery.
  • Aligns processes with global business calendars and events, ensuring processes are executed in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Helps ensure policy compliance by providing process operations security, managing outage windows, and managing execution audit logs.

Whether it's order processing, trading, payroll, data warehouse, healthcare, supply chain, business reports, claims processing, managed file transfers, or virtually any other business process requiring multiple systems working together – Tidal has you covered.



The next wave.

An Evolutionary Necessity


The overwhelming pace of Change is creating workload challenges that could never have been anticipated in the early stages of IT automation.  Conventional approaches to workload automation can no longer keep pace with today's rapid changes, such as:

  • new business applications being driven by new business models, marketplaces, and growth opportunities
  • increasingly complex cloud-based applications orchestration and workflows – Cloud, hybrid, and on-premise
  • new data structures exploding in volume and complexity
  • the tsunami of real-time streaming data, unstructured data, and other content streams from IoT and Big Data

The answer is Tidal.


you name it — we can integrate with it.


Tidal offers a proven extensible approach to automation, with detailed application integrations for Map Reduce, Hive, Sqoop, HDFS, Informatica, Cognos, Oracle/SQL Server DB, JDBC, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, Web Services, Vmware, and much more.



a tidal wave of customers.


More than 700 enterprises spanning all major verticals have put their trust in Tidal, including HP, Microsoft, NYSE, Takeda, General Mills, T-Mobile, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, Coach, Catholic Health Initiative, Time Warner Cable, TD Ameritrade, Citadel, Takeda, and hundreds more. Why not you?