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Nothing is more important than you, our customer – your needs, aspirations, and vision about what workload automation can mean to the enterprise.

On-Demand Webcast: The Shifting Role of Workload Automation with EMA Research

Watch Webinar84% of technology executives confirm that automation helps improve IT operations and business output. Join EMA Analyst Dan Twing for an in-depth look at why. Dan’s workload automation insight is based on a recent survey of 400+ IT professionals.

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Introducing the Tidal CustomerFIRST™ Program

Tidal Customer First LogoThe Tidal CustomerFIRST™ Program embodies an attitude and a way of doing business that helps elevate your success and maximize the strategic value of your Tidal investment. It gives you a direct and powerful voice about the product and its future in an open, collaborative partnership.  It’s a commitment to make each customer’s experience with Tidal the best it can be based on YOUR needs and expectations, not ours.

Five Ways We Put You First

The Tidal StepUp™ Services Program

Tidal StepUp LogoA comprehensive services portfolio designed to help you maximize the performance and value of your Tidal environment. All services are delivered by Certified Tidal Partners with support from the Tidal engineering team. It all starts with a no-charge Tidal HealthCheck™ Assessment for existing Tidal customers – an opportunity to assess how your Tidal deployment is performing and where you can perform better.  Based on the learnings from your HealthCheck, a range of services are available to help you conduct upgrades, consolidate tools, improve skill sets, and more. Step it up here.

Product Partnerships

A voice in the product and its roadmap.  We will always listen to the pulse of your business, your evolving needs, and your expectations about new features and enhancements. We will update you regularly on the roadmap to make sure you can plan your enhancements, execute your upgrades, and add pre-built integrations with confidence and predictability. These roadmap updates can be available to you via webinars, email announcements, personal 1:1 meetings, and local Tidal user groups where you can meet our product team in person.

Technical Support

With Tidal's comprehensive support, you get the coverage you need with the speed and responsiveness your enterprise demands.  Our approach is a proactive one – we believe in reaching out rather than waiting for you to contact us.  So whenever and wherever possible, we will give you a heads-up about any information regarding your software.  This may take the form of emails, phone calls, or content posted on the Customer Portal.  WE'LL FIND YOU when we have important support-related information to share – you won’t have to find us.

4Way Communications

Our commitment is to provide personalized attention to your needs, timelines, and expectations, including opportunities to meet either face-to-face or online. We currently offer four avenues of communication to keep our partnership humming as we serve your business.  (1) Local Tidal User Groups bringing colleagues together in lively, interactive sessions attended personally by the Tidal product team and certified partners.  (2) Tidal Customer Portal providing technical support, forums, news and upcoming events, and other vital product updates.  (3) Tidal Customer Webinar Series focusing on product roadmap, technical topics, and use cases of interest to the customer community. Our webinar schedule is regularly updated on the Customer Portal.  And (4) Voice of the Customer 1:1 meetings with your team to drill down into your specific needs. These Voice of the Customer sessions can easily be scheduled via the Customer Portal.

Managing Your Journey

Each customer is unique and in their own stage of the workload automation journey. You may be seeking to improve and accelerate existing business processes; add new processes to meet the changing needs of the business; accommodate new applications that require changes to your existing automated workflows; or transition from 100% on-prem to a mix of on-prem, cloud, and multi-cloud environments. Tidal CustomerFirst™ means doing everything in our power to: Work with you in whatever stage you are in, Remove obstacles to success, Expand adoption and usage, and Optimize the business value derived from your Tidal deployment.

Tidal quote icon

Quote StartTidal frees up time that we would spend on activities to support revenue generation such as setting up new customer environments, enhancing our applications, and improving the engineering required to scale up operations. This shift supports our scaling objectives and helps us control costs. Quote End

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