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Offering a broad selection of Tidal services to help you automate smarter, faster and better!
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On-Demand Webcast: The Shifting Role of Workload Automation with EMA Research

Watch Webinar84% of technology executives confirm that automation helps improve IT operations and business output. Join EMA Analyst Dan Twing for an in-depth look at why. Dan’s workload automation insight is based on a recent survey of 400+ IT professionals.

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Tidal Customers: Step Up to Better Automation

Tidal StepUp LogoThe Tidal StepUp™ Program offers a comprehensive services portfolio designed to help you maximize the performance and value of your Tidal environment. All services are delivered by Certified Tidal Partners (Tidal Xperts) with support from the Tidal engineering team.

It All Starts with “Checking Your Health”

Tidal HealthCheck Report

The no-charge Tidal HealthCheck™ is the first step in your journey. It helps identify opportunities to optimize workload automation within your IT ecosystem.

Four Service Packages – You Decide!

Choose the service package(s) right for you based on what the Tidal HealthCheck™ has told you about where you can most quickly and efficiently improve.  Work with a Tidal Xpert partner to turn your goals into reality.

Tidal Tune™

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Improves the speed, efficacy, resilience, and business value of your Tidal software.


Tidal Upgrade™

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Leverages the latest Tidal enhancements, fixes, and performance improvements – quickly and safely.


Tidal Migrate™

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Migration and workload automation consolidation to drive efficiency and agility.


Tidal Coach™

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Increases the value of your IT team and its contributions to the success of the business.