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Watch Webinar84% of technology executives confirm that automation helps improve IT operations and business output. Join EMA Analyst Dan Twing for an in-depth look at why. Dan’s workload automation insight is based on a recent survey of 400+ IT professionals.

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Ready for change? So are we.

In a world as fast-changing as ours, your IT team can’t afford to sit still. Nor can your IT automation platform. Digital transformation is about forward and fluid motion using technology to advance the mission of the business.

At Tidal, we understand. So we’ve engineered an approach to automation that nurtures and empowers IT to serve the business with speed, impact, and strategic value.

We call it Everything Automation™ and it contains three guiding principles:

1. The journey to a hybrid, multi-cloud world is inevitable.

In most enterprises today, IT executives are seeking to leverage a fluid combination of legacy on-premise environments, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments to ensure the most efficient use of IT resources, skill sets, and budgets. Tidal can automate and orchestrate workloads across all of these, in any combination you prefer, maintaining a precise, predictable, and reliable orchestration of the interconnections and interdependencies between systems. You can spin environments up or down at will, knowing Tidal will keep your workloads running smoothly.
To the Cloud(s) and Beyond

2. It isn't just about where your business processes run — it's HOW FAST you can get them running.

True digital automation must be agile and flexible enough to accommodate both your core workloads as well as today's cutting-edge opportunities in IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, BI, and other emerging technologies. The business expects nothing less. Our pre-built integrations will help accelerate the automation and orchestration of both foundational systems like ERP and critical new workloads that support new business models.
Pre-Built Integrations

3. Turning a good solution into a great solution requires a unique customer focus. 

The Tidal CustomerFIRST™ program encompasses an attitude and a way of doing business designed to elevate your success. It gives you a direct and powerful voice about the product and its future in an open, collaborative partnership. It provides services, support, consultations, and advice designed to make your experience with Tidal the best it can be. Based on YOUR needs and expectations, not ours.
CustomerFIRST from Tidal

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Quote StartIn some cases we enhance the efficiency of managing jobs by as much as 92%. We expect to recoup our investment in only 15 months. Quote End

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