Reporting and Analytics

Valuable insight into what's working, what isn't, and what to do about it.

On-Demand Webcast: The Shifting Role of Workload Automation with EMA Research

Watch Webinar84% of technology executives confirm that automation helps improve IT operations and business output. Join EMA Analyst Dan Twing for an in-depth look at why. Dan’s workload automation insight is based on a recent survey of 400+ IT professionals.

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Insight that Leads to Impact

Informed decision-making about the performance of business processes is a major concern in today’s complex IT environments. Efficient management of complex workloads – and enhanced accuracy and reliability of job processing – have significant positive effects on an IT team’s ability to meet the fast-changing needs of the business.

Business managers, IT executives, operations managers, and front-line staff all need ongoing access to timely and accurate information to understand the performance of their workload automation environments and to comply with IT policy and audit requirements.

Information into insight

Tidal provides out-of-the-box reporting features that provide information into the enterprise-wide scheduling environment through in-depth historical data – information that quickly becomes insight. Empowered with this knowledge, IT staff can develop strategies to improve scheduling performance.

In addition to its detailed native reporting features,Tidal integrates with Terma Labs JAWS Historical and Predictive Analytics, giving you historical, real-time, and predictive job-run analysis to enlighten your IT staff with even greater visibility into:


Visibility into Job Streams

Rapid access to accurate job stream reports and critical-path analytics can help IT teams detect problems proactively so service levels are not compromised. This granular level of insight supports today’s rigorous auditing and compliance processes and promotes new ways to improve SLA delivery.