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Ready to Go – Tidal's pre-built integrations bring all of your applications and systems together in a seamless automation environment.

EMA WebinarHow Workload Automation Drives IT Success – Webinar with EMA Research – February 26

84% of technology executives say automation is important to IT operations and beyond in their business. Join IT Analyst Dan Twing from EMA Research for an in-depth look at how workload automation software is helping today’s IT teams respond to challenges like digital transformation, DevOps, and micro services. This is not-to-miss insight based on a recent survey of 400+ IT professionals!

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We’ve Already Done the Integration Work, So You Don’t Have To

In today’s heterogeneous environments, you need a seamless relationship between your automation software and all of the systems and applications at the heart of your IT operation. With a workload automation product that can automatically manage these complex integrated environments, the answer is Tidal Workload Automation.

The Tidal team has already done all of the important integration work for you, providing pre-built, plug-and-play “adapters” and “agents” that seamlessly connect Tidal with a myriad of systems and applications in today’s multi-platform environments.  No need to write code or fumble with technical puzzles.  

Just plug in your Tidal integrations and GO

Pre-Built, Ready-to-Go Integrations